Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sept 20, 2015 - Traveling to Europe

Please note that I'm writing this a few days after the 20th.  The past few days were too packed to blog.

Today was dedicated to traveling.  Illa, Mom, Clara and myself were picked up from home in North Haven at 12:30 PM (ET) by my brother's friend, Tiara and driven to JFK.  A big thanks to Tiara for transporting us and all of our things.  We arrived in JFK three hours early without any issues.

During our travels, Mom is using a wheelchair and we have a stroller for Clara.  Because of this, we were whisked through a special line for security (very quickly in fact) and taken directly to the gate.  We hung out at the gate for about two hours and ate some of the plentiful snacks that Mom and Illa packed (somehow Mom had smuggled cheese through the checkpoint).

Mom and I were the first to board the plane shortly followed by Illa.  The flight was direct and was manageable.  AirBerlin is a decent carrier and the accommodations were decent.  Clara traveled very well and slept for most of the time.  Unfortunately, the same can not be said for the rest of us.  Illa, Mom and I probably slept for no more than two hours each.

When we landed it was Monday and our adventure began....

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